Session 2: Dwell


PRAY:  for Spirit’s presence, insight, our “neighbours”, willingness to be instruments of redemption for God



1.                   1 John 1:14 – “word became flesh and made his dwelling among us”:  Exodus trek imagery of pitching a tent to be with his people.  “Incarnation” – God becoming flesh and blood to people.


2.                  Christians imitate Christ when we become one with the people he loves.


3.                  Dave Diewert and the poor in downtown eastside


4.                  Mako Fujimura – goes to Tim Keller’s Church and was challenged to “make his Dwelling” with the artists



a.       How does painting fit into this relationship with Jesus?

b.      What spiritual themes do critics find in his paintings?

c.       How did moving to NY City allow him to be “flesh and blood” ministry to artists? 

d.      How does he use his studio for ministry?



1.                   What risks exist in moving to a new neighbourhood?

2.                  How did being in NY City after Sep.11 make a difference to Mako?

3.                  What impressions of God do you get from Mako’s paintings?

4.                  Mako says crushing pigments is for him a metaphor for God’s redemption.  Do you connect to this image?



1.                   Read John 1 :1-4,14, Philippians 2:5-8, Hebrews 2:14-18.


2.                  How does each passage describe “incarnation”?  What similarities?  What are significant differences?


3.                  What does each passage say is the reason Jesus became human?


4.                  Why do the Philippians and Hebrews passage say Christ’s death is an integral part of Jesus’ incarnation?


5.                  Of all the ways God could have used to show his love and redeem his creation, why do you think he chose this way?



1.                   How is Mako’s move to NY City “incarnational”?  How is it different?

2.                  In what ways Mako shared in the suffering of his artist community before and after 9/11?

3.                  In what ways Mako experienced a “death” by moving to NY City?

4.                  In what ways Mako’s ministry is redemptive in NY City?



1.                   What are some ways Faithwerks can “move in” to the Oakridge/Westside community?


2.                  What are some “sufferings” in our city?


3.                  What sub-groups to we think God is wanting our help moving into?


4.                  What are risks and costs to us as we move in?


5.                  How may we be called to “die” if we moved in?


6.                  Are there models for us around the city?


7.                  What do we hope to accomplish by moving in more deeply in the neighbourhood?


8.                  What is the next step?



Read Philippians 2:5-8.  Pray together that God would give us wisdom on “moving in” more deeply to the communities where we live.  Pray for provisions, wisdom, and opportunities in humble and creative ways.



1.                   Chew over the passages.

2.                  Journal about the communities you belong to.  How are you being God’s hands and feet there?  What difference is your presence making there?  What are opportunities?  How may God be calling you to move in more deeply at work, at home, or at school?  What do you hope God will accomplish through your partnership?