Session 3: Unite




OPENING (1 min.)

1.                   We meet the Sabo and Sawyer family and see what they did with the “moving in to be with” concept.


DVD:  Unite (20 min.)


CONTENT (pay attention to)

1.                   How did Frank Sabo get started tutoring kids?

2.                  What was the advantage of serving together?

3.                  What was risky to the Sawyer about moving in?

4.                  What preserves Julie Sawyer’s compassion for her neighours?  Why?


Meaning (discuss):

  1. How was serving together an advantage?
  2. How does Perimeter Church encourage service based on the congregation’s strengths?


LEARNING (20 min.)

1.                   Read Luke 10:1-9.  Why did Jesus send people out 2 by 2?


2.                  What other New Testament examples suggest that serving together is the norm?


3.                  What is the nature of the disciples’ ministry (see also Luke 10:17-20)?


4.                  What aspects of Jesus’ command is surprising?



1.                   How are the children benefiting from the families serving together?

2.                  Connie Sabo says she couldn’t serve if God had not equipped her?  How are we equipped for service?

3.                  How are the Sabos and Sawyers experiencing Luke 10:17?  What is the joy of ministry for them?


APPLICATION (6-8 min.)

1.                   What are other reasons for us to serve together, besides those in Luke 10?


2.                  What are the risks/problems from serving together?


3.                  Jesus knows when we serve together, there will be disagreements, irritations, personality clashes, even arguments.  Can these be positive than negative experiences?


4.                  What risk would you take to change your lifestyle in order to serve more effectively and faithfully with each other?


5.                  What are some “ministries” Faithwerks members are engaging in, or are potentially equipped to engage in?


6.                  How may we serve together?


7.                  Frank Sabo’s idea for ministry began when he agreed to drive the van.  What are some first steps that can inspire you to decipher the opportunities God is point you to?


CLOSING (1 min.)

Pray for God to reveal to each person ways we can work together to serve others.



Spend time thinking about your networks:  church, family, work, neighbourhood, school, leisure activities…etc.  What opportunities do you have to serve with these groups?  What can we begin serving together with?