Session 5: Invest


PRAY  for inspiration, vision, application


OPENING (1 min.)

1.                   The world says go to college and then make something of yourself.  Rudy Carrasco – went to Stanford then came back to a very ordinary work.


DVD:  Invest (20 min.)


CONTENT (pay attention to)

1.                   What makes life hard in northwest Pasadena?

2.                  How did the story of Jericho inspire Rudy?

3.                  What attracted Jamaal to Harambee?

4.                  Why did Rudy make such a huge commitment to Jamaal?

5.                  What bonds their relationship?

6.                  How does Jamaal plan to return the grace he experienced from Rudy?


Meaning (discuss):

  1. What do you think it means to the people in Pasadena that Rudy came back after Stanford?
  2. What do you imagine are some of the obstacles for Rudy’s work?
  3. What might lead Rudy to focus on programs instead of individuals?  How would that be a mistake in Pasadena?


LEARNING (20 min.)

1.                   Read 2 Timothy 1:1-7; 2:1-7; 4:9-13, 21a

2.                  What do these verses tell us about Timothy’s relationship with Paul?

3.                  What is Paul trying to accomplish with his investment in Timothy?

4.                  What hints that Paul has been investing in Timothy for a long time?

5.                  In what ways is Paul hoping Timothy would return the favour and minister to him?



1.                   How is Rudy following in Paul’s ministry footsteps?

2.                  How might Paul and Rudy measure their ministry success?

3.                  What are the key characteristics of Paul and Rudy’s one-on-one ministry?


APPLICATION (6-8 min.)

1.                   What are the advantages of program-centered ministry?


2.                  How do we prevent programs from swallowing up or overshadowing the people they are designed to help?


3.                  What risks, challenges and rewards are in investing in individuals?


4.                  What keeps you from investing more in individuals?


5.                  What are some “ministries” Faithwerks members are engaging in, or are potentially equipped to engage in?


6.                  Who do you consider a “parent” in your faith?  Describe how that person invested in you.  What can you learn from your own experience about investing in others?


CLOSING (1 min.)

Sit silently before the Spirit and ask God to show us someone he wants us to invest in.



Spend time with someone in need.  Lecture on Monday night.